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[12:41:06 AM] yimmy: im cryin. im fuckin cryin. can u imagine yorkshire terrier dog model sansa licking big ugly labrador retreiver brienne’s wounds aftr a battle
[12:41:23 AM] coco : gODD\




Don’t be upsetti, have some spaghetti!


yimmy ur hittin me so hard with the brienne/sansa feels i dont even have any compunctions about using the world feels

i hav no idea wht to do w these brienne/sansa feels, there si literally no fanwork of them, nothing, there is nnothing,


I harp on trans men a lot, and a lot of it is just that many trans men (both in my life and on this site) behave atrociously towards women and 100% act as agents of patriarchy

But also there’s this lie that’s been going around: that in order to be trans and afab you HAVE to be transmasc - demigirls are actually cis, girl-aligned nbs are actually cis, no afab with a shred of womanhood in them can possibly be trans in any way (This is part of a larger lie that manhood in general is real and natural while womanhood is artificial and fake).

And maybe there are baby transes out there wh believe this lie like I used to, and feel like they have to choose between being cis or being a man. And I want to let those kids know that there are other, less toxic ways to honor your own feelings about yr gender.





Glitter Or Rainbow Platforms (you can open them and put stuff inside!)

no fucking way

Also, lol, we have a lot of the same suppliers.

inside-gary, it’s my dream shoes!

Oh my fucking goodness, if I had that kind of money to spend on shoes, I would buy those glitter ones in a second. Imagine them full of little plastic dinosaurs or reptiles. <3 <3 <3


"A Fresh-Cut Crop of Soft Spring Flowers", ELLE US, May 1991Photographer&#160;: Gilles BensimonModel&#160;: Beverly Peele


"A Fresh-Cut Crop of Soft Spring Flowers", ELLE US, May 1991
Photographer : Gilles Bensimon
Model : Beverly Peele